What Are Pet Film Sheets?

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) film sheets are made from a thermoplastic polymer that is commonly used for its excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. PET film sheets can be produced in various thicknesses and colors, making them suitable for different applications.

Uses of PET film sheets

PET film sheets are widely used in various industries due to their unique properties, such as excellent thermal stability, high tensile strength, and good dimensional stability. Here are some common uses of PET film sheets:

Packaging: PET film sheets are widely used for food packagings, such as candy wrappers and meat trays, due to their excellent barrier properties.

Electronics: PET film sheets are commonly used in electronic components such as displays, touch screens, and printed circuit boards due to their high dielectric strength and thermal stability.

Automotive: PET film sheets are used in automotive interiors for various applications such as instrument panels, seat belts, and sun visors.

Construction: PET film sheets are used as insulation materials for buildings and houses due to their excellent thermal insulation properties.

PET film sheets are versatile materials that offer excellent properties for a wide range of applications. HANTAI, as a trusted high-gloss pet film manufacturer, provides top-quality products that meet the diverse needs of customers around the world. If you are interested in it, click the link at the bottom!


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