Some frequently asked Questions

Mar 20 , 2023
  1. Q: Why car warp film instead of PPF

A: The PPF emphasize its function of protection. There are only a few color TPU films in market, most are black and white, it is because of the immature and unverified technology of TPU. And it is more expensive than Car wrap film, with limited protection. So, in fact, we do not recommend you to use PPF unless your car is super expensive like, costs more than ¥10,000 to repair one surface of the car paint.

As to car wrap films, it is like that you buy your car a new outfit to show your attitude of life, and attract others eyes at the same time. Since the technology of vinyl wrap film is proven, there are so many colors you can choose from and it wont take too much money and time to repair some scratch.

Lastly, these two product have different position. The PPF underline its protection and may last over 5 years. While the car wrap film is more decorative. Just like you wont wear the same dress/shirt for 5 years, the service life of car wrap films is about 1-2years.


  1. Q:Where is your raw material from

A: Our PVC film is from NANYA Taiwan and RENOLIT Germany. They are the best PVC suppliers at present, and we have long been strategic partners. As to the color powder, ours are automobile level. That means it has better yellowing resistance, and will not have significant discoloring even after exposed outdoors for 2 years. And our laboratory has done relevant testing to prove it.


  1. Q: Do you have a factory

A:Sure, We own a 30,000 m² factory in FoShan, together with R&D team and laboratory. We have been working on PVC films for over 17 years, and is one of the few full-chain factory in this industry. We do the entire process of car warp films’ production, including color modulation, coating, pressing, composite, packing and so on. You can definitely trust our technology and skilled workers. We can also provide OEM service or neutral packing when needed.


  1. Q: Your company is only a few years old. How can you say that you have 20 years of industry experience

A: Our company, called Guangdong Hantai Decoration Material Co., LTD., was established in 2006, is a factory to produce PVC films. We have two business segment: decoration film and car wrap film. The brand of car wrap film is Leader Creature.

We have been making PVC films for over 17 years. Hantai got a good reputation in the decoration industry.

In fact, as early as 10 years ago, someone asked us to try car wrap film, but at that time, the market is rather small(because of the strict law), the technology is kind of immature, and our original equipment is relatively narrow, so we did not pay too much attention.

We started to produce car wrap film three years ago. It has almost the same process of decoration film, but wider in size and softer in material. In the first two years, We mainly act as a OEM or provide neutral packing to some big companies like CARLAS, AX. This year we decide to officially promote our brand Leader Creature.

Thus, we dare to say that we are experienced.


  1. Q: Do you have TPU product

A:Sorry, I am afraid we don’t have TPU product on sale yet. But our TPU product is on testing now and will probably be released latter this year. Actually, technology of color TUP is not mature and thoroughly verified. But several company sell it anyway because it brings more profit and they can ripe customers off through this stunt. But we won’t put our untested product into market.


  1. Q: Will your film get colour fading?

A:Almost not within 2 years, Probably not in 3 years.

Our color paste is pressed between two layers of PVC films, these two layers can significantly protect the color from fading. Besides, all material we choose is high-quality material, our PVC films and color power itself possess great weather resistance.

Our factory laboratory has tested our product in color fading through UV accelerated aging, xenon lamp for 2000 hours (equivalent to 3-4 years outdoors environment), the gray level tested is about 4-5 (level 5 is the best),which prove that no obvious fading will occur in two years.

But! There is a limit to weather resistance. In some special circumstances, such as high temperature, improper maintenance and other extreme cases, which are beyond the scope of our warranty, discoloration and fading is possible to happen.

  2.  Q: How often will you update new colors? You don’t have much color now.

A: In the past 3 years, we mainly did OEM for most famous brands in China. We developed more than 500 colors last year for them to choose from. Now we are promoting our own brand, we only choose the best 200 color for marketing. We will definitely develop more and more colors in the near future.

Though we don’t have too many colors at the moment, but all are mainstream styles and our self-developed colors, and the quality is obviously different from the products in the market. What’s more, our positioning is differentiated products, what others do not have, only we have, this is the advantage. If the colors are the same with others, it will end up in a price war.


  1. Q: Warranty?

A:We have a two year warranty start from the day when the film is putted on the car. Unlike some brands without factory, who can runaway in no cost, we and our factory must ensure our quality and reliability.

We guarantee that

  1. No non - contact deformation and stratification
  2. No distinct colour fading in daily light
  3. No extensive glue residue after the film is tore off.
  4. No damage to the original car paint when torn off.(paint falling of repaired car paint is not within the scope of warranty)


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