Han-grain softtouch auto metallic

Thickness: 0.17~0.35 mm
Width: 1250/1260/1400/1420 mm

Specification: Soft-touch surface, Regular or Anti-scratch, Water-proof, Stain resistance, Yellow resistance, Eco-friendly.
Application: Cabinet, Cupboard, Wardrobe,  Door, Wall decoration.
Usage Method: Vaccum press/Membrane, Lamination, Warpping.


Whether you need to protect important documents, preserve precious photographs, or shield delicate electronics, our Water-Resistant Pet Film is up to the task. Its high-quality composition ensures excellent clarity, allowing you to maintain the visibility and readability of your items even after application.

Easy to apply and with superior adhesion, this pet film offers hassle-free usage and a reliable protective layer. Embrace peace of mind knowing that your possessions are shielded by our top-tier Water-Resistant Pet Film, the ultimate choice for safeguarding what truly matters to you. Explore a new level of protection and durability today!