High gloss woodgrain

Thickness: 0.12~0.45 mm
Width: 1250/1260/1400/1420 mm

Specification: High glossy, Regular or Anti-scratch, Water-proof, Stain resistance, Yellow resistance, Eco-friendly.
Application: Cabinet, Cupboard, Wardrobe,  Door, Wall decoration.
Usage Method: Vaccum press/Membrane, Lamination, Warpping.


Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets with Woodgrain PVC Film. Elevate the aesthetics of Woodgrain PVC film for kitchen cabinet wrapping. Wrap your cabinets in the warmth and beauty of natural wood textures, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to your culinary space. Easy to apply and durable, our PVC film is the perfect solution for transforming your kitchen cabinets into stunning focal points that impress.