Liquid metal

Liquid metal

More exquisite and transparent metal texture, visual enjoyment of liquid flow, include matte and glossy choices, showing the graceful of upper class.

1. Product Introduction

Leader Creature® vinyl wrap films, which possess high quality PVC films as raw material and adopt precision coating and bonding technology, is perfectly suitable for cars’ appearance and interior decoration.The product shows saturated and brilliant color and superior weather resistance, utilizes low initial viscosity removable adhesive and the fourth-generation diamond air channel to raise the installation efficiency, and meets the needs of consumers for partial or overall vehicle modification.


2. Product Structure

(1) Product Structure Diagram

Metalized pet film

(2) The function of each layer structure

A. PET glossy protective film: High-gloss series only, can significantly improve the luster and texture of the film surface, and prevent it from damage during the transportation.

B. High-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) surface layer: Enhance the outdoor durability of the film, and keep the colors bright, lasting and stable.

C. Specific three-dimensional glitter coating: Evenly distributed flash point, higher flicker degree, saturated and exquisite color,  more stereoscopic, perfectly imitate the texture of the car paint. The quality stands out from other Chinese brand.

D. High-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) raw film: Get from top suppliers, have smooth surface, excellent tensile strength and outdoor weather resistance, and no orange peel wrinkles.

E. Ultra-low initial-adhesive pressure sensitive glue: Low initial viscosity is beneficial to repeated construction. The viscosity gradually increases and stabilizes as the time goes by.

F. Release Paper: (Bottom Paper) 160 g/m², silicone coated. The deep diamond grain shows good performance in venting, and significantly enhance construction efficiency.

Color:Red, Green, Orange, Purple,Yellow

(1) Physical Property




Red, Green, Orange, Purple,Yellow

Total thickness


Release Paper

160 grams of polyethylene double-sided coated with diamond embossed paper

Dimensional Stability(70℃48h)


Tensile strength

 ≧20 MPa




      Extinguish immediately after leaving the fire

Artificial weathering aging and exposure to artificial radiation

Level 4-5 (Xenon Lamp Aging Test, 2000 hours)


2 years(Temperature 10-35℃, Humidity 40-74%)


(2)Application Property



Adhesion Temperature

 + 15℃-40℃

Operating Temperature Range



(3) Chemical Property



Foul Resistance

No effect (Mud could be rinsed easily after drying 2 hours on 70℃ oven)

Moisture Resistance

No effect (Exposure to humid environment for 120 hours)

Water Resistance

No effect (soaking in water for 48 hours)

Chemical/Solvent Resistance

No effect (oil, grease, engine oil, moderate acid or alkaline solution)

1Exquisite and smooth surface

High-quality PVC raw film, thin and soft, easy to stretch and zero light penetration. The film surface is exquisite and smooth, without orange wrinkle.

2Gorgeous color

Using similar color base film with precision coating technology and excellent color coating, makes the color naturally and mildly, gorgeous, and greatly imitate the effect of the car paint.

3Dazzling sparkle

The unique stereoscopic flash coating technology makes each flash powder distributed and arranged evenly and uprightly, making the color saturated and elegant and blooming a dazzling light.

4Good performance in UV resistance

Combined with high-quality PET color protective layer, which enhances the membrane outdoor weather resistance and keep the color bright, lasting and stable.