Liquid Metal Series

Feb 14 , 2023

 With the integration of door, wall and cabinet, high-end customized home decoration has gradually become the mainstream of the market, and the exterior decoration of wooden products has increasingly presented a diversified visual style and tactile texture. Manufacturer of door&wall&cabinet also began to pay attention to use the decorative material of different material material, in order to build the home integration style of different senses, such as metal, glass, leather, solid color and etc.


 In the 2022, the 10th China Door&Wall&Cabinet Technology Conference with the theme “ technology delivery theory”, HANTAI® will display the fist product, liquid metal series veneer. The product is combining moisture-proof, scratch resistance, stain resistance, yellow resistance and other corresponding surface treatment processes; at the same time, it imparts the space more metal baking paint texture.

 In fact, it is because of the sparkle series product, HANTAI® first shot to fame in the market. In order to further lay the advantage in differentiated competitive, so as to better fight in the high-intensity market competition, HANTAI®, on the basis of sparkle products, launched a high-end product, Liquid Metal Series.


 With the smash hit of the movie “Terminator 2”, liquid metal has entered the public eye and become a symbol of future technology filling the hearts of the post-80s and post-90s. Therefore, once HANTAI®’s liquid metal series decorative products with the texture of metal baking paint launched, there has been warmly responded by the market, and this product became rapidly the competitive "fist product" of the enterprise.

 Liquid metal’s surface texture, delicacy, and soft color have been widely recognized by consumers, has become one of the popular trends in the industry. Compared with the usual wood grain, stone grain, it can give the product more bright gloss, of course, also including a fresh metal texture with changeable fluidity.

Because of the moisture-proof, scratch resistance, stain resistance, yellowing resistance and other corresponding surface treatment processes, the product have multiple characteristics with two luster options including glossy and matter. Therefore the price of such products is naturally higher. However, such products are easier to win favour with high-end bespoke brands.

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